Special Order Firearms    
We will special order firearms for 10% above our cost. We have    
accounts with many wholesalers and will find the best price on a
particular firearm. You may pick up the firearm at our location (if you
are a Texas resident), or we will ship it to another FFL holder for you.
There is a minimum $25.00 charge for this service, plus any shipping
charges. Call for more details.
Consignment Sales
We take single firearms or whole collections on consignment, and sell
for you. We have several ways to market your firearms, including this
website, online auctions, and gun shows. All firearms will be
transferred legally to the buyers, so there are no worries on your part.
We will advise, but you decide the minimum price your firearms sell for,
and we charge a percent of the final sale price, usually 15%, with a
minimum of $25.00 per firearm. This is an excellent way to sell
unneeded guns, raise needed cash, or liquidate estates, safely and
legally. Contact us for more details.
Are you a member of the
Texas State Rifle

Members of the TSRA
receive discounts at
John Taylor Enterprises
on firearms and services,
in addition to helping
secure our gun rights in
the State of Texas!
See gun and service listings
for applicable discounts, or
contact John for details.

For information or to join
the TSRA, go to:
FFL Transfers
If you need to have a gun shipped from another dealer, or ship a gun
to another dealer, we can help. We will send the dealer a signed in
blue ink copy of our FFL,  will accept shipment of the firearm, and do
the proper checks and paperwork. We charge a flat fee of $30.00 for
this service. If you have a valid Texas CHL, there is a $5.00 discount,
and if you are a TSRA member, there is an additional $5.00 discount.
If you need to have a firearm shipped to another dealer, bring it in and
we will pack and ship it, along with a copy of our FFL. We charge a flat
fee of $25.00, plus actual shipping costs.
We do appraisals on individual firearms or collections. Whether you
are a collector, competitor, or hunter, you need to know the current
values of your guns in case of theft, fire, loss, etc or if you are
thinking of selling. Insurance companies will decide values for you if
you do not have documentation of the values of your guns, and
dealers will try to get them for as low a price as possible. We use our
experience in gun shows, internet sites,  auctions, and collecting,
along with the latest reference books to determine the values. You
will receive a list of your guns, with insurance values for each, with
references to the basis of the valuation. We can also take pictures for
you to show the actual condition, accessories, etc. Price of this
service varies, depending on number of guns, type of guns, and
where the appraisal takes place. Call or email for more details.
We Buy Firearms
If you need to quickly sell your gun or collection, we will inspect your
firearms and provide a written offer. You are under no obligation,
and can take the offer elsewhere to try to get a better price. We try
to make fair offers, so you can get the money you need, and we can
make a fair profit. If you are using our appraisal services, we will
make an offer on your guns, that would be a conflict of interest.
Always get appraisals from a neutral party. If you are not in a hurry
to sell, please take advantage of our consignment program listed
above. Contact us for more information.
If you see a firearm we have for sale, and would like to make a trade
offer, feel free. We are always willing to listen, make offers, or
counteroffers. If you are not happy with the deal, all you have to do
is say no thanks! We make offers in writing, and you are welcome to
take it somewhere else to try to get a better deal if you can.
TSRA Discounts
Texas State Rifle Association members receive discounts on all
services listed, call for details.
John Taylor Enterprises LLC
A Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer